Life Story

Born in Athens Greece, I came to Australia as a small child in 1963 with my parents who embarked on a quest to give me a good education. Both in the teaching profession, they bestowed me with an excellent base from which to build my own life’s pursuits.

At 21, I set off to explore the world and all its treasures. It was the time of the Cold War and the nuclear threat was a much-anticipated fear. My backpack and the $AUD800 in my pocket took me to Europe, The Iron Curtain, Scandinavia, the UK, Africa, India and South East Asia in a period of two years. Armed with an immense inquisitiveness about life and its meaning I took to studying different cultures and religions. But it was my love for Australia that led me to the writing of “Adventure before Dementia Down Under”, my first book publication.

My work has evolved in the disciplines of Psychology, Teaching, Journalism, Conflict Resolution, Personal Development and Business Management, which I have amalgamated into a holistic approach to healing and life-direction in a pragmatic and spiritually enlightening way, after attaining a Bachelor of Arts in Interpreting and Translating from Deakin University, a Post Graduate Degree in Hellenic Studies and Social Sciences from Latrobe University, and two Certificates IV in Business (Accounting and Real Estate). 

Melbourne has been my hometown and even though I have lived in various other parts of the world, I’m always drawn back to home base. I now live in the Victorian Capital with my husband Sokratis (Scott) with whom I share my two children and five grandchildren.